August 22nd, 2017 | Category : Reporting & Measuring Success

Spotlight on the Content Inventory: Flexible Reporting Options

Released on Digital Commons earlier this year, the Content Inventory gives administrators a number of flexible new reporting options. It’s been a big hit with the community and we wanted to share more about how this tool is being used.

We’ve heard a number of great uses including faculty bibliographies, federally mandated reports, and more. For example, Eastern Tennessee State University’s Digital Scholarship Librarian, Ashley Lowery, was able to use the Content Inventory to pull dates for her year-end annual reports. At the College of Brockport, Digital Repository Specialist Kim Myers has been starting with the Content Inventory as part of a project to add introductory text and keep sidebar links current. Nancy Krost, Institutional Repository Coordinator at Missouri University of Science and Technology is using the tool in a similar manner. Nancy says “I love the Content Inventory report and have used it for various projects, including statistics and data cleanup.”

Both Nancy and Kim start by generating a structure report from the Content Inventory to get a full overview of their content and work from there to weed out empty structures, increasing the vibrancy of their repository. The Content Inventory also allows administrators to generate a metadata report for any structure, which is useful for standardization as well as for other kinds of campus reporting, as in Ashley’s case.

Read more about how the Content Inventory can support reporting here, and find more resources on the content inventory here. For any further questions, be sure to contact your consultant at