June 20th, 2018 | Tags : Furman University | Category : Open Access, Open Educational Resources

Sustainability Center Finds Working Home in Furman University’s IR

When Furman University’s David E. Shi Center for Sustainability received a grant from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations to develop a learning module on topics of sustainability, they approached the library for the right way to move forward. The open educational resource (OER) collection needed to make the new materials available for download, and the Center wanted the learning module to include various types of materials that could be mixed and matched. Furman University Scholar Exchange (FUSE) was a natural fit. The result is a collection of video primers for key terms and methods, case studies and corresponding learning worksheets, and additional materials that can be easily included in any course.

The vibrant OER collection speaks directly to Furman’s campus goals around hands-on learning and community engagement, as well as the Shi Center’s mission to promote interdisciplinary research and teaching in support of sustainability on campus and in the greater community. The Center’s collection in FUSE is a working space where students, faculty, and community members can learn about and partner on community projects.

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