Syndicating Content From the Institutional Repository to Complete Department Webpages

UMass Medical School Takes Advantage of RSS Feeds

Lisa Palmer, IR Librarian at UMass Medical School, utilizes RSS to provide low-overhead, automated feeds of faculty’s repository content to departments for use on their websites. She has worked with the webmaster to populate more than a dozen departmental webpages with faculty citation feeds.

UMass Medical’s departments find the service to be of great value.  Here’s what Lisa said about the content feeds:

“The departments want to display faculty publication lists on their websites as a recruitment tool to attract faculty and students.  They also want to disseminate their research more widely. Many departments don’t have the staff to compile and maintain publication lists on their websites. With the IR solution, they have a dynamic listing that displays the latest publications authored by their faculty or students, plus a link to the entire collection in the repository.”

To see what this looks like, check out the “Publications” listing on the Program in Gene Function and Expression’s webpage here: and the “Recent Publications” on the Center for Outcome’s webpage here:

UMass RSS on the institution's website

UMass RSS on the institution’s website