August 21st, 2014 | Category : bepress Development Blogs, Data in the Repository

Thank You to the DC Subscribers Who Beta Tested New Storage Infrastructure

Over the past year we’ve been working on a project to redesign and replace the hardware and software used to manage the storage of Digital Commons content. This move was precipitated by the rapid increase in the number and size of objects (thanks to video and data primarily) being uploaded in subscriber repositories. We needed a more flexible, extensive, and cost-effective storage system that will allow us to continue to grow smoothly.

As of last week the entirety of more than four million objects across the whole Digital Commons community have been migrated from the old storage infrastructure to the new infrastructure. Additionally, we are now offering 10 times more storage at no additional cost. It has been a lengthy, multi-step process that we completed only with the assistance of a group of courageous beta testers from the DC community.

We’d like to thank those subscribers who were gracious enough to participate in this beta program, and express how much we appreciate the vote of confidence you gave us.

A big thank you to:

Jeremy Hall – Bard College
Dan Heuer – Bucknell University
Marisa Ramirez – California Polytechnic State University
Stephen Flynn – College of Wooster
Todd Bruns – Eastern Illinois University
Julia Nims – Eastern Michigan University
Micah Vandegrift, Nancy Kellett, and Jean Phillips – Florida State University
Wade Wyckoff – McMaster University
Isaac Gilman – Pacific University
April Younglove – Rochester Institute of Technology
David Holt – Santa Clara Law
Margaret Pembroke – Southern Cross University
Kim Myers – The College at Brockport (SUNY)
Marilyn Billings & Elizabeth Loving – University of Massachusetts Amherst
Lisa Palmer – University of Massachusetts Medical School
Wendy Walker – University of Montana-Missoula
Paul Royster – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Seth Jordan – University of Tennessee Knoxville
Becky Thoms – Utah State University
Karen Marshall – Western University Canada
Connie Foster – Western Kentucky University