May 12th, 2015 | Tags : Experts Directory | Category : Best Practices

The 2015 Scholarly Communications Experts Directory: Easily Find Experts in Your Network!

Earlier this year over 100 members of the Digital Commons community responded to our call to share their knowledge of 33 categories of scholarly communications, repository management, and Digital Commons expertise. The result is the 2015 Scholarly Communications Experts Directory, a detailed record that makes it easy to find an expert in the community, whatever your needs.

The directory can provide the information you need to connect with peers and colleagues who can answer questions, provide guidance, and perhaps even come to your campus to speak with your library.

If you attended our recent ACRL event you may already have a copy of the directory, and the directory is now available on our website as well! Here you can find directory information in two different formats: a PDF of the document handed out at ACRL, and a spreadsheet where you can sort data according to whichever field you’d like to explore.

The PDF provides data both by area of expertise and alphabetically by respondent, with the alphabetical section including the respondent’s scholarly communications profile and selected publications. The spreadsheet provides even more context to each respondent’s expertise, including information about topic-specific presentations and projects.

Whichever format you’re accessing, the directory can provide the information you need to connect with peers and colleagues. In addition to identifying expertise, we have included respondents’ FTE, Carnegie Class, and location, giving you the opportunity to reach out to a colleague at a similar or local institution.

We hope this will be a valuable resource for the scholarly communications community to foster close partnerships and ongoing conversations. If you have any questions or comments about the directory we’d love to hear from you! And if you would like a print copy mailed to you, please contact us at