August 3rd, 2016 | Tags : Expert Gallery | Category : bepress Development Blogs, SelectedWorks

The New Expert Gallery is Here and Ready to Share Around Campus

We are proud to announce the beta launch of bepress’s newest product, the Expert Gallery, designed to promote the institution through the rich expertise of its faculty and researchers. The Expert Gallery is ready to help you meet the campus-wide need to connect experts with opportunities, so please feel free to start sharing with groups on campus now:

  • Marketing and Communications/Media Relations offices regularly field requests from the media for experts in newsworthy topics.
  • The Office of Research matches researchers with funding opportunities and must showcase the results of their grant-funded projects.
  • Prospective graduate students need to know who is working in their area of interest.
  • Researchers both on and off campus are constantly looking for interdisciplinary partnerships but don’t always know where their research interests overlap.
  • Businesses in the area want to partner with researchers to further develop their products.

The Expert Gallery integrates seamlessly with other bepress products and is part of a suite of services coming in early 2017. Leveraging your institution’s expertise as well as its scholarship, the suite offers SelectedWorks, the Expert Gallery, and a new set of faculty reporting and analytics tools.

The best news? The entire suite comes at no additional cost to anyone who signs up for SelectedWorks by the end of the year. If you’ve got questions or feedback about how you’re using the new Expert Gallery, please contact