June 10th, 2015 | Tags : SelectedWorks | Category : bepress Development Blogs, SelectedWorks

The SelectedWorks Story You’ll Want to Tell Faculty

We’re really excited to announce the improved SelectedWorks we’re rolling out this fall. It’s got a sleek new design, multimedia support, improved IR integration, better administrative control, and a whole slew of other cool things.

But before we say more, we’d like to explain why we’ve been working so hard on these upgrades—and why we decided to build SelectedWorks in the first place. We wanted to make an institutionally branded faculty profile page where authors could control their content and librarians could do what they do best: collect, contextualize, and curate. And, of course, we wanted all this to integrate with the IR.

All in all, we think we’ve done a pretty good job, and SelectedWorks is still the only site that fits that, ahem, profile. But we can’t ignore what we’ve heard from you over the last few years, through feature requests and one-on-one conversations: it can be hard to convince faculty authors to collaborate with the library on their online identity.

Try telling faculty members that SelectedWorks ties research to their home institution and ensures long-term control over their content—you might get yourself another SW convert. Or, you might get a glazed look and a mumbled excuse about a department meeting they have to run to. We hope this latest SelectedWorks iteration makes your pitch a little easier and a lot more fun. We’ll be in touch with more details in the coming weeks, but for now, a few highlights:

• Updated design
• Improved administrator controls and notifications
• Support for multimedia content
• Better integration with DC

What should you do about it?

• Rejoice!
• Seriously, there’s nothing you or your faculty have to do to implement this change.
• If you’d like a demo, feel free to email us at outreach@bepress.com.