Twenty Admins Raise Their Game at Spring bepressU IR Manager Course

Last week we had the distinct pleasure of hosting twenty institutional repository administrators in a three-day intensive workshop at bepress. The admins in our Repository Manager Certification Course came with one goal: to get ahead in one of the most demanding jobs in scholarly communication. Many mentioned that their confidence levels are stronger than ever after attending this hands-on course, which translates to professional success back on campus.

Lindsay Van Berkom from University at Albany (SUNY) underlined that “Attending the course has helped me to ‘connect the dots’” from platform skills to strategic goals. “I see a lot of opportunities for [our IR] Scholars Archive, and to be part of the solution for campus initiatives. I have a better understanding of how to use the different structures in a variety of ways which helped me with knowing how we can meet the needs of our faculty and students.”

Jeanine McSweeney from The Rockefeller University echoed many admins’ words: “I have a ton of new info, ideas, and goals to bring back with me,” and “…hearing other people’s issues and experiences were really helpful.” Tina Ching from Seattle University School of Law agreed that “Meeting with IR managers across the country is a great way to share information.” Savanna Nolan from University of Baltimore School of Law added that “Seeing examples was incredibly helpful, and [my Consultant] and I troubleshot my individual needs, big and small.”

Lisa Abbott from Upjohn Institute for Employment Research summed up the course as “Great sessions, great colleagues, great 1-1 time with bepress Consultants.” Mattias Olshausen from Central Washington University found that “The course was excellent as a source of inspiration for new projects.”

Congratulations to our graduates!

Participants in alphabetical order:

Lisa Abbott, Upjohn Institute for Employment Research

David Adams, Missouri State University

Marty Blackson, Central Washington University

Denise Brush, Rowan University Libraries

Tina Ching, Seattle University School of Law

Phillip Fitzsimmons, Southwestern Oklahoma State University Libraries

Erin Jerome, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Nancy Krost, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Stacy Magedanz, California State University, San Bernardino

Christine McClure, DePaul University

Jeanine McSweeney, The Rockefeller University

Shannon Meaney-Ryer, St. Mary’s College of California

Jamie Niehof, Kettering University

Savanna Nolan, University of Baltimore School of Law

Mattias Olshausen, Central Washington University

Sara Parme, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Laurel Sanders, The TMC Library, Houston, TX

Lindsay Van Berkom, University at Albany

Wendy Walker, University of Montana

Elise Wong, St. Mary’s College of California