Upcoming Speaking Engagements by Members of the Digital Commons Community: Fall 2012

  • Boise State University’s Michelle Armstrong, Scholarly Communications Librarian, will be presenting Institutional Repository Management Models that Support Faculty Research Dissemination during Library 2.0, a virtual conference hosted by DC customer San Jose State University. The conference runs October 3rd-5th. For more information on the session visit http://www.library20.com/forum/topics/institutional-repository-management-models-that-support-faculty
  • Look for speakers from the Digital Commons community at the 32nd Annual Charleston Conference, November 7th-10th:
    • Moving Technical Reports Forward: New Roles for Libraries and Librarians will be hosted by Purdue University’s David Scherer, Scholarly Repository Specialist, Purdue e-Pubs Digital Repository. Charles Watkinson, Director, Purdue University Press and Head of Scholarly Publishing Services will be presenting during this session. http://2012charlestonconference.sched.org/event/3b43f49a3de0250132f6a4722cf6cd2f#.UGCyOK7AEtV
    • Lora Brueck, Collection Management Librarian at Worcester Polytechnic University, and Tammy Sugarman, Associate Dean of Georgia State University, will both be presenting during the Shotgun Sessions. Lora will present Using Vender Notification Slips to Promote Input into Book Purchasing, and Tammy will share Library Technical Services: Key Ingredients in the Recipe for a Successful Institutional Repository. http://2012charlestonconference.sched.org/event/b8d1e660fc3ea76f216bda23cb727ddc#.UGCxAq7AEtV.

If you would like us to share your upcoming speaking engagements, email outreach@bepress.com.