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Upcoming Speaking Engagements by Members of the Digital Commons Community: July & August 2013

The American Association of Law Libraries http://aall2013.crowdcompass.com/  July 13th-16th will host the following speakers:

  • Caroline Osborne, Director of the Law Library and Professor of Legal Research at Washington and Lee University Law School; Stephanie Miller, Electronic Services Librarian at Washington and Lee University Law School; and John Jacob, Archivist Librarian at Washington and Lee University Law School, will be speaking at a bepress-sponsored session on “The Risk, the Plan, the Payoff: Implementing a Law Repository at Washington and Lee” at AALL July 14th at 3:30pm. To register please email events@bepress.com.
  • Carol Watson, Director of the Law Library  at University of Georgia School of Law,  and Brian Hammer will speak on “Recharge: Increasing Your Influence.”
  • Todd Melnick, Associate Librarian for Public Services at Fordham Law; Ed Walters, CEO and co-founder of Fastcase; Eyal Iffergan, Business and Technology Consultant; Scott Meiser; Jason Wilson, Vice President of Jones McClure Publishing, will speak on “Off the Page and Beyond the Book: New Models for Buying and Selling Legal Information.”
  • Kincaid Brown, Assistant Director and Head of Scholarly Publishing & Systems Service at the University of Michigan Law School; Patrick H. Butler; and Ellen Qualey, Emerging Technologies Librarian at the University of Minnesota Law Library will present “Cool Tools Cafe.”
  • Sarah Jaramillo, Reference Librarian at Fordham University Law Library; David Holt, Senior Assistant Librarian at Santa Clara Law; Lisa M. Stone, Executive Director of Legal Voice; Peter Nicolas, Professor at University of Washington School of Law; and Representative Jamie Pedersen will also speak at the conference on “Respect for Marriage: Equal Protection for Same-Sex Couples in Washington State and Before the U.S. Supreme Court.”

The Texas Digital Library Conference System, USETDA, July 24th-July26th, will host the following speakers:

  • Marisa Ramirez, Digital Scholarship Services Librarian at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, will speak on “Do ETDs Diminish Future Publishing Opportunities? What the Publishers Say.”
  • Adrian K. Ho, Director of Digital Scholarship, University of Kentucky Libraries; Cleo Price, Assistant Dean, Office of Graduate Academic Services, University of Kentucky; and Jonathan Garrett, Office of Graduate Academic Services, University of Kentucky, will speak on “Sailing to a Better Place: Changing from a CD-based ETD Model to a Born-digital ETD Model.”
  • Marisa Ramirez, Digital Scholarship Services Librarian, and Michele Wyngard, Digital Repository Coordinator, both at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, will speak on “Calm waters and Smooth Sailing: Implementing centralized and decentralized ETD submission processes.”
  • David Seitz, bepress Digital Commons Consultant, will speak on “Emerging Trends in ETD Publishing Models: A Bird’s Eye View.”
  • Allegra Swift, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Claremont Colleges Library,  will speak on “Senior Theses and Undergraduate Research: How is Undergraduate Scholarship Being Collected, Supported, and Shared?”
  • Crystal Goldman, Scholarly Communications Librarian, and Silke Higgins, Digital Initiatives Librarian, both at San Jose State University, will speak on “Collecting the “Gray Literature” of ETDs: Master’s Projects at San Jose State University.”
  • Michele Wyngard, Digital Repository Coordinator at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, will speak on “Searching for Safe Harbor: Investigating LOCKSS as a Digital Preservation System for ETDs.”
  • Stacey Knight-Davis, Associate Professor and Reference Librarian, and Todd Bruns, Assistant Professor, both at Eastern Illinois University, will speak on “A Bigger Splash: Enhancing Discoverability of Theses via Digital Commons.”

In addition, we would like to announce the following upcoming speaking engagements:

  • Mathew Revitt, Maine Shared Collections Strategy Program Manager at University of Maine, and Clem Guthro, Director of Libraries at Colby College, will be speaking at IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Singapore, August 17th-23rd, on “Together we are stronger: a cooperative approach to managing print collections.”
  • Richard Clement, Dean of Libraries and Adjunct Professor of History at Utah State University; Yeo Pin Pin, Head, Scholarly Communication at Singapore Management University; and Sharon Mader, Dean of Library Services at the Earl K. Long Library at the University of New Orleans, will be speaking at the bepress-sponsored IR Day at Singapore Management University, August 23rd. http://libcal.smu.edu.sg/event.php?id=313205

If you would like us to share your upcoming speaking engagements, please email outreach@bepress.com.