June 4th, 2013 | Tags : Speaking Engagements | Category : Education & Outreach

Upcoming Speaking Engagements by Members of the Digital Commons Community: June 2013

  • Lauren Seney, College of William & Mary, will speak at the Chinese and American Forum on Legal Information and Law Libraries (CAFLL) http://cafllnet.org/annual-conference/ in Shanghai, June 12th at 10am on “Institutional Repositories.”
  • Craighton Hippenhammer, Digital Initiatives Librarian, Olivet Nazarene University, will be speaking at the Association of Christian Libraries (ACL) — Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, CA, http://www.acl.org/index.cfm/conference/ June 10th-13th on “Why Adding Digitization Capability at Your Library Is Important.”
  • Joshua Beatty, Senior Assistant Librarian at SUNY Plattsburgh, and Kim Myers, Digital repository specialist at SUNY Brockport, will be speaking at the State University of New York Librarians Association (SUNYLA) conference on June 13th at 10:30am http://lanyrd.com/2013/sunyla/scfytm/  on “A Tale of Two Repositories.”
  • Harrison W. Inefuku, Digital Repository Coordinator at Iowa State University, will be presenting the poster “Maintaining Continuity and Legacy through Academic Restructuring: Applying Archival Description to Institutional Repositories,” at the Association of Canadian Archivists Annual Conference, June 13, 1:00pm, Winnipeg, MB.
  • David Holt, Santa Clara University School of Law, and Whitney Alexander, Santa Clara University School of Law, will be speaking at the Conference for Law School Computing (CALI) on June 13th at 4pm on “So you want to digitize?: Maximizing the value of a digitization project.” http://conference.cali.org/2013/sessions/so-you-want-digitize-maximizing-value-digitization-project . Also speaking there will be Benjamin Carlson, Villanova University School of Law, and Lori Strickler, Villanova University School of Law, June 14th at 1pm on “How to Steer with 20 Hands on the Wheel: Tech Tools That Guide and Stimulate Collaboration.” http://conference.cali.org/2013/sessions/how-steer-20-hands-wheel-tech-tools-guide-and-stimulate-collaboration .
  • Emily Zegers, Coordinator of Marketing and Outreach, and Rose Fortier, Coordinator of Digital Programs, both of Marquette University – Raynor Memorial Libraries, will present “Marketing an Established Institutional Repository” June 30th at 2:30 at the American Library Association. http://ala13.ala.org/node/12092

If you would like us to share your upcoming speaking engagements, please email outreach@bepress.com.