Video Promotes Student Publishing in Augustana College IR

Augustana College sees their repository, Augustana Digital Commons, as an integral part of their broader mission to foster student success. Research & Instruction Librarians Amanda Makula and Connie Ghinazzi got creative about promoting the many benefits their repository offers students in their latest project. They created a promotional video of students talking about how they love seeing when and where their work is being read in the monthly Author Readership Reports and Dashboard tools, and how much they value the opportunity to position themselves well for graduate school and future career opportunities.

Undergraduate Ninna Mendoza said that “Augustana Digital Commons has allowed me to share my work with a much broader audience,” and, referring to the global downloads she saw in the Readership Reports, “It is really cool to know my ideas can be spread worldwide.” Other students spoke of how easy it was to upload their work in the system, and how exciting it was to see graduate schools they’d applied to downloading their papers. Today, with the enthusiastic support of faculty, whole classes hold sessions in the library where they can upload their class projects and research papers, getting firsthand experience in scholarly publishing.

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