Welcome New Digital Commons and Expert Gallery Suite Customers!

We’re very pleased to welcome new Digital Commons and Expert Gallery Suite customers who’ve joined the bepress community and to congratulate recent customers whose sites have launched!

We’d like to spotlight the amazing work of the publishing team at Universidad de La Salle who have already increased their international visibility in under four months — read below for details on their speedy success.

We also invite you to join us in Berkeley, CA for a 3-day intensive workshop for institutional repository administrators (all levels) on March 26-28, covering everything from big picture planning to nuts & bolts. In 2018 Helena Marvin of University of Missouri, St. Louis, summed up the workshop: “Classes=amazing, One-on-One with a Consultant=even more amazing!” For more information see our registration page and our blog on the 2018 course in the admins’ own words. New admins find this class a particularly helpful start on the road to IR success.

Welcome New Customers:
Dalhousie University Law School
Hospital Corporation of America
Medical University of South Carolina
Messiah College
Texas A&M University – San Antonio
University of Louisiana Monroe

Congratulations to Recently Launched Customer Sites! We invite you to see the newest DC-powered IRs:
Henry Ford Health System’s Scholarly Commons
Population Council’s Knowledge Commons
Universidad de La Salle’s Ciencia Unisalle
University of Maine at Farmington’s Scholar Works

New Customer Spotlight
Many Digital Commons customers take advantage of the opportunity to get up and running quickly, such as the publishing team at Universidad de La Salle who already have five current journals with years of back issues featuring full-text PDFs openly available in their new Digital Commons instance, Ciencia Unisalle, in under four months! They focused on fulfilling one of their institution’s top priorities of increasing their international visibility: they already have thousands of downloads from 69 countries, and that’s only a fraction of the content they have planned for publication. Located in Bogotá, Colombia, their initial content features research — published in Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese — ranging from educational pedagogy, visual health, veterinary medicine, and development to arts and humanities with plans for many more journals to come. Una càlida benvenida a la Universidad del La Salle!