Impact & Analytics

Increase and share your institution’s impact on the world

Your research impact on the global community—scholars, medical practitioners, and independent researchers—matters more than ever before.

It’s why we design our sites with discoverability in mind, making constant updates to keep pace with best practices. Everything from the structure of the site itself to the way we present metadata to search engines is optimized to drive traffic to your institution’s research. It’s why we prioritize custom-designed, browsable organization of your content so users can stumble across content they didn’t know they were looking for. And it’s why we’ve created leading analytics tools that let you (and your faculty members) measure and report on the impact your institution’s work is having locally and around the world.

Who’s reading your institution’s work (and when and where)?

How can you know the difference your scholarship is making without knowing where it’s being read? We offer detailed, exportable analytics that show how readership changes over time, whether for a department, an author, or the entire institution. Our industry-leading readership tools show the specific organizations and regions that are engaging with your work (and how they’re finding it), so you can better identify research trends, potential funders, and collaborations.

Make the case by proving impact 

From including article-level metrics as part of a tenure & promotion dossier to showing a live global readership map at a meeting with department chairs, we want you to get credit for everything your institution creates. When you have accurate, beautifully realized visualizations of data showing that your group’s scholarship matters to people around the world, you bolster your case for continuing that vital work.

Reliable metrics you can stand behind

We’ve been tracking readership for over ten years, and we know how dubious most download counts are. Bots, crawlers, and spiders don’t just sound creepy; they massively inflate readership numbers, which degrades the entire system of tracking.  At bepress we’ve gone above and beyond the recommendations of COUNTER, the organization solely dedicated to ensuring accurate usage data. We’ve developed our own algorithm, which we’re constantly updating to keep up with evolving bots and other obstacles to clean data.

bepress Academic Networks

Bringing scholarship together by discipline, purpose, and audience doesn’t just facilitate intuitive browsing; it increases visibility and recognition. Your institution’s scholarship appears alongside similar work from peer institutions. Links to and from your content improve search-engine optimization and create new pathways for readers in and outside of academia.

Browse the following networks to find new scholarship by discipline and to get updates from publications, authors, and institutions.