May 19th, 2017 | Tags : Michigan Tech, UMass Amherst | Category : Education & Outreach, Promoting the IR

Michigan Tech’s Outreach Flyers Promote Increased Impact for Faculty Work

Last year Chad Arney and Annelise Doll, along with others in the library, launched an outreach campaign for Digital Commons @ Michigan Tech that landed these colorful flyers about research impact in the mailboxes of every professor on campus. Months later, requests from faculty members are still trickling in—a fact pragmatists in the library attribute to professors’ spring cleaning.

Now faculty groups across campus have a visual reminder of how the library can help them gain visibility for their work, from patents to peer-reviewed articles.

Annelise and Chad took inspiration from UMass Amherst’s flyer, attached, and the broader bepress community to design these flyers. May they inspire you, too, as you start your summer brainstorming for fall outreach projects!

MTU’s monthly metrics flyer


One side of MTU’s tri-fold brochure, inspired by UMass Med. Download the full brochure below!