Scholarship from the bepress Community Surpasses Half A Billion Downloads

May 23rd, 2017

The bepress community has just hit an exciting milestone: open access scholarship available in the Digital Commons Network has been downloaded over half a billion times.

More than 500 institutions from around the world take credit for this achievement, from research universities and liberal arts colleges to health care networks, law schools, and research institutes.

Content in the Digital Commons Network is just as varied, and includes:

  • Open Educational Resources
  • Faculty’s working papers and other gray literature
  • Archives and special collections
  • Peer-reviewed journals
  • Student work, including theses and dissertations
  • Conference proceedings
  • Research datasets

In fact, the most frequently downloaded content comprises scholarship that is not freely available anywhere else. The bepress community, anticipating this trend, has expanded the definition of an institutional repository, which traditionally focused on previously published faculty articles.

This milestone affirms the value of showcasing scholarship widely and visibly, and makes clear the extent to which the broader community benefits.

About bepress

Founded by professors in 1999, bepress exists to serve academia. bepress builds hosted solutions that let academic institutions showcase and share their works for maximum impact.

The bepress model is unlimited, cloud-based, and fully hosted, and includes dedicated consulting and support. bepress offers Digital Commons, the leading hosted institutional repository software platform and a comprehensive showcase for everything produced on campus. It is also the only repository that seamlessly integrates with the Expert Gallery Suite, a solution for highlighting faculty and research expertise. Together, Digital Commons and the Expert Gallery Suite let any academic community collect, preserve, and make visible all of their intellectual output and expertise.