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LAST SEASON FOR EXPRESSO! After nearly two decades of serving the law community, this will be the last submission season for ExpressO. The last day to submit to law reviews is March 31, 2021. To help mitigate impact to our users, our final season will be phased accordingly:

March 31: Last day to submit to law reviews.
June 30: Complete service shutdown.

All accounts, including those for law reviews, will remain open and accessible until June 30, 2021, the date of official shutdown. This will allow users to continue to manage their submissions, make and accept offers, and download submission information.

Institutional Accounts

Do we already have an account?

Check out our ExpressO Institutional Accounts list to see if your school already has an account. The ExpressO service is now provided exclusively to institutions and their affiliated users.

We don't have a student account, can we just add them the account we use now?

Students are not allowed on the faculty account. If you’re interested in promoting student works, the ExpressO Institutional Student Account. We generally recommend starting with the Open Account Plan if you expect only a few students to use the service. If usage increases, you can always switch to the Complete Prepaid Plan at any time.

Managing Accounts

How do we add users to our account?

Users are authenticated one of two ways: authorized user list or domain. If your institutional account authenticates users by authorized user list, you must provide us with a list of approved users so we can upload to your account (in MS Excel, with email addresses, first name and last name in three separate columns). You can also request a copy of your current list to review and update at anytime. If your account authenticates by domain, e.g.,, users must make their submission using an address with this handle.

Can a faculty assistant submit on behalf of a professor?

Our administrator feature allows assistants to log in under their own account to submit on behalf of a professor. On Step 2, the Article Information screen, under the Author(s) section, simply click on the (+) sign and add the name and email address of the professor and then click on the Remove Author icon (person with a red X) next to their name to show only the professor’s information. This will ensure that the professor is listed correctly as the author of the article, as well as in all correspondence after the submission takes place between the author and the selected law reviews.

Are any usage reports available?

We are more than happy to provide our institutional clients an ExpressO Deliveries Report upon request. Generated by any date range, the report includes author name, submission date and time, and the number of deliveries made. Please send your report requests to

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Consulting Services by email to or by phone at 510.665.1200, Ext. 2, option 1, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific time.