Case Studies and Guides

6th January 2017 | Category : Journal Publishing

Are you thinking of starting a journal or publishing program? The examples and guides on this page provide tips and other useful information to keep in mind as you’re getting started.

Case studies:

A Small Library Launches a Publishing Program, Janelle L. Wertzberger
Panel presentation discussing two inflection points in staff planning for library publishing: what it takes to get started, and what it takes to grow.

Case Study on the Development of the International Journal of Exercise Sciences, Scott Lyons, Ph.D.
This document is a summary case study on the origination, development, marketing and on-going management of this unique research journal.

The Index of Texas Archaeology: Open Access Gray Literature from the Lone Star State, Robert Z Selden Jr., C. Britt Bousman
This articles the launch of the Index of Texas Archaeology, which makes cultural resources management reports publicly available.


Campus-Based Publishing Partnerships: A Guide to Critical Issues, SPARC
SPARC’s Campus-based Publishing Partnerships will help libraries, presses, and academic units to define effective partnerships capable of supporting innovative approaches to campus-based publishing.

Developing Open Access Journals: A Practical Guide, David J. Solomon, Ph.D.
An abridged version of the original book. Creating a scholarly journal is a long-term commitment that should not be taken lightly. This document contains sections related to every aspect of journal publishing, including planning, hosting, and launching the journal.

Establishing Library Publishing: Best Practices for Creating Successful Journal Editors, Jean-Gabriel Bankier
We compiled the results of interviews with librarians and editors who are currently publishing journals with the Digital Commons platform. 

Getting Your Journal Indexed: a SPARC Guide, SPARC
Once a journal is launched and has a track record of timely publication and solid content, it is appropriate to contact indexing and abstracting services for consideration.

Library Publishing Services: Strategies for Success: Final Research Report (March 2012), James L. Mullins, Catherine Murray-Rust, Joyce L. Ogburn, Raym Crow, October Ivins, Allyson Mower, Daureen Nesdill, Mark Newton, Julie Speer, Charles Watkinson
This report briefly presents the findings and recommendations of the “Library Publishing Services: Strategies for Success” project which investigated the extent to which publishing has now become a core activity of North American academic libraries and suggested ways in which further capacity could be built.

XSL Files for Transformation of bepress Digital Commons Issue-Level Journal XML to CrossRef Deposit XML, Jeffrey M. Mortimore, Ashley D. Lowery
XSL stylesheets to transform bepress Digital Commons issue-level journal XML to CrossRef 4.3.2 XML in preparation for batch DOI upload to CrossRef.