Open Access, Research, and Repositories

9th January 2017 | Category : Open Access

Articles about open access as it pertains to research and repositories.

100 Stories of Impact, Jean-Gabriel Bankier, Promita Chatterji
This report is a pre-print that has been submitted for publication with UNESCO. It will be published as part of the publication: “Open Access to Scholarly Communication in 2016: Status and Benefits Review”.  It looks to answer the question: “why does open access matter?” We examined 100 stories of impact to produce a framework for describing the concrete benefits of open access for readers, authors and institutions.

The Open Access Citation Advantage: Studies and Results to Date, Alma Swan
This paper presents a summary of reported studies on the Open Access citation advantage.

Will Open Access Get Me Cited? An Analysis of the Efficacy of Open Access Publishing in Political Science, Amy Atchison, Jonathan Bull
The digital revolution has made it easier for Political Scientists to share and access high-quality research online. However, many of these articles are stored in proprietary databases that some institutions cannot afford. High-quality, peer reviewed, top-tier journal articles that have been made open access (freely available online) should theoretically be more easily accessed and cited than articles of similar quality that are only available to paying customers.

Open Access and Liberal Arts Colleges: Looking Beyond Research Institutions, Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller explains how a faculty open access policy is both a critical element of information services and an extension of his college’s mission.

Not Just the Means to an End: Repositories, Marketing, and Development, Emily Asch
Academic libraries continue to expand their use of institutional repositories. Awareness of institutional repositories and their benefits for the institution, faculty, and students has grown over the past several years. These repositories are known as useful and effective tools for increasing visibility of the research and academic output of higher education institutions.