5th January 2017 | Category : Managing Your Repository

Repository success can be illustrated in a number of different ways, including (but not limited to), charts of upload and download growth over time, maps illustrating a worldwide audience, and anecdotes from excited new participants. Sharing both qualitative and quantitative IR success can engage new audiences and existing stakeholders alike, as well as map future repository growth and highlight the ways the library supports various campus missions.

Digital Commons Usage Reports and Dashboard tools provide information about traffic to your repository and are an effective way to communicate with your stakeholders. The resources on this page provide tips about utilizing these reporting tools and pulling out the information that will best illustrate your repository success. Also included are examples of various reports and newsletters that combine statistics and stories to chart repository growth over time.

Digital Commons Dashboard, Morgan Ziontz
Brief video introduction to the Digital Commons Dashboard.

Digital Commons/Institutional Repository Information, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Reports and statistics for DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska – Lincoln.

Digital Commons Reports and Statistics, The College at Brockport
Reports and statistics for Digital Commons @Brockport.

2016 Annual Report for Digital Commons: The Legal Scholarship Repository @ Golden Gate University School of Law, Janet Fischer
This report highlights the major accomplishments of DC@GGULaw from May, 2015 through April, 2016.

Digital Repository @ Iowa State University, Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report, Harrison W. Inefuku
This annual report highlights the growth and usage of Digital Repository @ Iowa State University, Iowa State’s institutional repository, between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

Dominican Scholar: Year Two: A Growing Repository: Annual Report to the Vice President of Academic Affairs Academic Year 2015-2016, Michael Pujals
The second year report on the progress and growth of Dominican Scholar, the institutional repository for Dominican University of California. The report discusses repository successes, areas for improvement, and areas for growth.