Research & Presentations

29th December 2016 | Category : Faculty Outreach

Presentations and articles related to encouraging faculty participation with the repository, types of faculty work, and ideas for obtaining access to varying faculty content.


Facilitating Faculty Participation, David Scherer, Marcia Wilhelm-South
This presentation discusses the workflows, project management, communication schedule, and numerous resources and documentation that have been created and adopted by the Purdue e-Pubs repository to offer Purdue faculty the necessary catalyst to initiate open access participation. 

Baiting the Hook, Harrison W. Inefuku
This presentation describes outreach done by the Digital Repository Coordinator, which has consisted primarily of presentations to individual departments, research centers and other campus units.

Research Articles

Institutional Repository Management Models That Support Faculty Research Dissemination, Michelle Armstrong
Research dissemination is a core mission for all universities. As a result, libraries should adopt this mission, utilizing institutional repositories services to support this goal. This paper aims to explore management models that institutional repositories can use for this purpose.

Recognizing Opportunities: Conversational Openings to Promote Positive Scholarly Communication Change, Adrian K. Ho, Daniel R. Lee
This article aims to provide scenarios of how such resources can come in handy during day-to-day interaction with faculty and students to help our campuses manage change and achieve an information sharing environment that benefits everyone.