Technical considerations

29th December 2016 | Category : Set up and launch

Metadata harvesting and scripts can make it easier to collect content to fill your repository.

Digital Commons Network Automation Script, Cliff Harrison
Eastern Illinois University uses this Python script to determine the disciplines and sub-disciplines in which the school’s repository is ranked among Popular Institutions, Popular Authors, or Featured Publications on the DC Network. A full list of disciplines is included in the supplemental files to this record. The script can be adapted for use by other schools and institutions. See instructions here.

Generate List of URLs for Batch Uploading Fulltext Files Using Google Drive, Marsha Miles
(In: Automating Workflow: From a Trickle to a Stream) Instead of copying individual share links for items to be batch uploaded to Digital Commons, the getURLs Apps Script can be used to generate a list of URLs to copy to the batch upload Excel spreadsheet. All that is needed is a folder in Google Drive to hold the files to be uploaded and a Google Sheets spreadsheet to bind the script.

Harvesting and Repurposing Metadata from Web of Science to an Institutional Repository Using Web Services, Yuan Li
This article describes the workflow used to ingest faculty publication citations into a Digital Commons platform Institutional Repository, by re-purposing metadata harvested from the Web of Science using web services. This approach, along with a workflow, were developed to improve the populating process for the IR.