We Came, We Saw, We Conferenced: Capturing and Sharing Campus Events at Georgia Southern

Your campus may be regularly hosting conferences and other events; what happens to the valuable scholarship presented over the course of the event? And do the conference organizers at your institution have an efficient and simple way to manage the submission, review, and acceptance process? At Georgia Southern University, the Zach S. Henderson Library has partnered with the Division of Continuing Education and other offices on campus to not only host 19 conferences on Digital Commons@Georgia Southern but also help the conference organizers streamline their review workflows. These successful partnerships have led to some additional, unexpected benefits, such as the opportunity to publish five new peer-reviewed journals stemming from the conferences.

Over the course of this webinar, Ashley Lowery, Digital Collections Specialist, and Debra Skinner, Coordinator of Cataloging & Metadata / Interim Department Head of Collection & Resource Services at Georgia Southern shared how they formed these valuable partnerships, how they manage multiple conference sites, and the benefits that have resulted from this work.