Evaluating, Planning, and Completing a Successful Migration: A Case Study

Libraries managing multiple digital platforms face the questions: How do you know where each collection should live? And what does it take to migrate a collection from one platform to another?

Last year, Fort Hays State University successfully migrated their yearbook collections and ETDs to Digital Commons to make them more visible, accessible, and searchable. In this webinar Elizabeth Chance, Digital Curation Librarian at Fort Hays State University, discusses the results of the migration, including:

-Dramatically increased visibility and usage.
-Full-text searchability and more flexible metadata.
-Design elements and website organization to highlight historical content.

Elizabeth also shares the story about how she and the rest of the team at Fort Hays State evaluated which collections to move, as well as methodology, successes, and lessons learned.

Elizabeth’s slides can be found here.