The Librarian and the Huntsman: Avoiding the Budget Ax by Taking on Digital Projects

As law schools are looking for ways to trim their budgets, libraries can protect themselves from cuts by demonstrating their value to the institution. In this webinar, Ben Carlson and Lori Strickler of Villanova University School of Law describe how they’ve improved the library’s visibility and provided a valued service with their Digital Repository.

One of the goals of the Villanova Digital Repository is to involve stakeholders from across the institution, but working with a large number of people and departments brings unique challenges. Ben and Lori will discuss both the benefits and the challenges of the Digital Repository initiative, and outline their strategies and recommendations for launching a successful law repository:

  • Recruiting participation from within and outside the law school
  • Balancing multiple stakeholders’ visions for the project
  • Managing implementation
  • Technical tools for communication and project management