Limited Resources, Unlimited Services: A Partnership to Support Specialized Publishing Programs

The definition of a successful institutional repository has expanded to include publishing services to diverse groups on campus, with needs that are just as idiosyncratic as the journals they publish. How can the library offer tailor-made services in a sustainable way?

Lauren Briskin, Consultant at bepress, and Josh Cromwell, Institutional Repository Coordinator at the University of Southern Mississippi, share how their working partnership makes it possible to offer unique publishing services to the University of Southern Mississippi community. From establishing efficient workflows to consultation around best practices, Lauren and Josh have worked together to implement lasting solutions for students, faculty, and editors. Among other examples of this successful model, they discuss “Gulf and Caribbean Research,” a journal that supports peer-review tools, access control via a moving wall, subscriptions, and a custom design.

Viewers will come away with an idea of the scope of skills and projects associated with a full library-publishing initiative, as well as concrete suggestions for how colleagues—whether at the same institution or across the country—can divide and conquer.