The Modern Repository: Aligning the Library with the University Mission

Library deans and directors continue to search for ways to align with the university’s strategic initiatives. For many, integrating with larger campus priorities is a necessary step to keep the library from falling into obsolescence.

They’re wondering:

– How can I prevent the library from being left out of important campus research and teaching initiatives?
– How can we use scarce resources to serve so many different constituents with such different needs?
– How do we make the transition from content gatekeepers to coaches and consultants?

Successful libraries are already demonstrating how the IR is an essential part of campus infrastructure and an indispensable library service that affects institutional funding and visibility, research, and student learning and recruitment.

Drawing from the Digital Commons community of over 400 institutions, the webinar shares data and examples of crucial IR services and their impact on all corners of campus: faculty, students, centers and departments, and the institution as a whole.