Optimizing Your Repository Content for Google and Google Scholar

The technical developers at bepress are always working to make content in Digital Commons repositories discoverable by Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines. In this webinar, we reveal a little bit about what we do behind the scenes to improve discoverability, as well as show you what institutional repository administrators can do to complete the process.

Topics include:

  • Specific measures bepress implements to bring Digital Commons content to the top of the search results in Google, Google Scholar, and other major search engines.
  • Simple steps repository administrators can take to further optimize their content’s discoverability.
  • Follow-up on the recommendations from Darcy Dapra’s previous webinar on indexing repository content in Google Scholar.

The webinar is designed to leave you with a manageable set of practices that will not only improve your search results but also improve the experience of your visitors once they’ve discovered your content.