The Risk, The Plan, The Payoff: Implementing a Repository at Washington and Lee

Over the past five years, institutional repositories have developed into essential components of the modern law library (over one-quarter of ABA accredited law schools now have one). However, devoting the time and resources to an IR when budgets are tight can feel like an uphill battle. That was the case at Washington and Lee University School of Law before they launched Scholarly Commons in 2011. At the time, it seemed like a risk, but two years later the benefits are clear.

In this webinar, law library faculty from Washington and Lee described their repository’s growth from a library “experiment” to a campus-wide initiative with the full support and participation of the Dean, the faculty, and the student body. The session covered key considerations for every law repository:

  • Selecting a platform and determining the scope of the project
  • Marketing the project to administration and faculty
  • Archiving and publishing law reviews
  • Mounting special collections and archives
  • Managing copyright and permissions
  • Recruiting participation through Selected Works faculty profiles

Thanks to a well-planned effort and a dedicated vision, the law library at Washington and Lee is now faced with the welcomed challenge of meeting increasing demand for its services. Whether you’re in the exploration and planning stages or at the helm of an existing repository, you’ll come away from this presentation with new strategies and inspiration for a successful initiative.