Materials for law faculty

4th January 2017 | Category : Law

These are materials that encourage faculty participation in your law repository.

eCollections@FIU Law Library, Florida International University Law Library
Brochure detailing the services eCollections@FIU Law Library can provide.

Advising Faculty on Law Journal Publication Agreements, Benjamin J. Keele
Law librarians can offer a service to faculty by reviewing journal publication agreements when articles are accepted.

Citation Advantage of Open Access Legal Scholarship, Carol Watson, James M. Donovan
Open access legal scholarship—which today appears to account for almost half of the output of law faculties—can expect to receive fifty-eight percent more citations than non-open access writings of similar age from the same venue.

Library Services for the Self-Interested Law School, Simon Canick
By understanding the needs of self-interested deans and professors, libraries can fill new roles that are consistent with our core values. Libraries can also focus on dissemination and promotion of faculty work, especially through innovative open access projects.